Sputtering Target

Sputtering Targets are commoly used in semiconductor and optoelectronic industries.

Based on customer's requirement and equipment size, we provide varies material/ purity/ size targets.

We put a lot of effort to maintain fine grain size with great uniformity on our targets. Besides regular target specification we also develop customized targets.

Planar TargetPure MetalAl、Cu、Cr、Mo、Nb、Ni、Si、Ti、Ta、W
AlloyAl Alloy、ITO、MoLa、Mo Alloy、MoW、NiAl、NiCr、Niv、NiCu、NiMo、SiAl、TiAl、ZnAl、ZnSn
For special alloy target, please contact us.
Rotary TargetAg、Al、Cu、Cr、ITO、Mo、MoNb、Nb、NbOx、Ni、Niv、 Si、SiAl、Sn、Ti、TiOx、Ta、W、ZnAl、ZnSn
If you have any other requirements, please contact us
Sputtering Target